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 This is the Conditioner that can handle your entire system.  It is one of the few, in extensive auditions that didn't rob our reference system of dynamics and space, while cleaning the signal. In fact, we feel we gain gain with the Adept in the chain.   It has made everything we've paired it with better.  Feel free to audition one for a 2 week period and be the judge.  If you prefer your system without it, let us know and we'll issue a full refund.  The Adept Response line perennially garners the top awards among Power Conditioners.

"Bottom line: The aR12-TS is the best power conditioner I’ve heard." 
Brian Damkroger - StereoPhile

"I said in my aR12-T review that in my experience, this degree of overall system improvement simply cannot be achieved with ANY other individual investment, regardless of the dollar amount of the investment, and that claim is even more true with the aR12-TS." Greg Weaver-Positive Feedback's Writer's Choice Award

"And, in addition to what eliminating grunge does for the background, the improvements in dynamics, timbre, the soundstage and imaging are not subtle. "
Nicholas Bedworth -- Mar 12 Audiogon.

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