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"To say that the Albedo Aptica is a masterpiece of acoustics, is not an exaggeration nor rhetoric, but a simple observation." Audio Review Italia by Mauro Neri, translated from Italian.

The Aptica Wins a Red Fingerprint Award!!

"They are the champions. A good amplifier, best powerful and best-transistor - and we have the system forever. Distributor Albedo is offering amplifiers Crayon and this statement will be cool." Translated from Polish. 


This from Srajan Ebaen and 6Moons, about the pairing of the Crayon CFA 1.2 and the Albedo Aptica,

"* Whilst a feature report on the Austrian amp, this particular speaker match was so exceptionally happy as to suggest the perfect system review to give shoppers a guaranteed recommendation whose only very minor variable remains the source component. Albedo's clever down-firing and narrowing transmission-line loading is super unfussy about placement to work anywhere. The CFA-1.2's uncanny 'turbo' boost of the small 6-inch Accuton woofer decommissions the need for a subwoofer even in a 5.5 x 12m room. Together they make for a very stylish compact reference hifi that won't turn your living room into a shrine to electronica or a hardware cemetery. Sonically cut from the same cloth, this becomes an ultra-resolved stunningly spacious completely light-filled sound of phenomenal articulation as modern as the aesthetics."

The Aptica from Albedo, is a natural step up from it's smaller sibling the HL2.2  It sports a 6, instead of a 5 inch Accuton Driver, and has a larger transmission line.  Given the exponential nature of transmission lines, it will charge a larger room with sound than it's little sibling-itself no slouch in producing prodigious sound waves.

The Aptica is other than that...a completely difference speaker, utilizing the same technology. Different resonators, different driver, different transmission line and cross-over.  The result is more of all of the goodness in the HL2.2 albeit more relaxed, spacious and richer bass notes in mid to larger rooms.

The Aptica is a new model and has yet to be reviewed though there is one underway.  For our part, it is a tremendous value for what it can do, hence our involvement.  It also benefits from a room friendly design, both visually and in terms of placement.  Real reference sound and image painting in a gorgeously designed Italian sculpture. 


More from Srajan Ebaen at 6Moons,

"The Apticas could play the edges of the field for Cinerama panorama without going diffuse or blowing up individual performers to grotesque dimensions. No freeway fret boards, no hole-ridden Emmenthaler cheese, no formless fondue. In many ways—timing, space, pinpoint precision—the performance reminded me of my Gallo Strada 2. Where the latter differ is bass (they can't go as low nor move as much air), dispersion (far wider due to the 180° CDT) and presence-to-brilliance range dynamics (higher due to larger tweeter membrane). Where they overlap is in generally electrostatic qualities. If you love that sound, here you can approach it in a physically far more compact package without requiring arc-welding amps to wrestle panel-type impedance dips into submission...

The sweet surprise was the speaker's low-volume excellence. This doesn't imply that it satisfied less at high levels. Au contraire. Complete lucidity at what to a flat dweller are midnight levels simply eludes the majority of speakers. That an 85dB speaker would ace that task at the top of the charts I wasn't prepared for. My metal-driver beliefs (being transient not bloom centric, drier and more damped) came home to roost though. What didn't? That a few years after my first encounter I would no longer fully enjoy such a presentation as much as the sound I've since 'built'. I'd call this one cooler, more visual/space focused and, again, electrostatic by gestalt.  hat such an ultra high-performance device could look this good, be this compact and wide bandwidth were the cherry and cream on top. Italians own style. It's so cliché but true here and with a vengeance. That's no longer cliché but cachet and worth every penny. If you can afford it!

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