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From Stereophile Poland,

"The current lens proved to be one of the best in history, iconic model produced unchanged for many years. Also went to many prestigious compilations of equipment that every professional photographer should have. For me Albedo HL 2.2 it is equipment of this caliber. Columns that many audiophiles deems perfect, devoid of drawbacks. What's more, HL 2.2 does not create artificial barriers between the music and the audience. I do not play only for themselves, but above all for us. Already after a few days I knew it would not be easy to part with them. I will not do it. Described pair will be used in several presentations, but HL 2.2 yet we come back, this time for longer.Apparently orders from all over the world there is so much that you have to wait your." -  Thomas Karasiński

From Sound Rebels Poland-

"spoil yourself and take care of the best natural circumstances and after reaching the intended purpose to stop finally combine and begin to listen to music with not only rewarding, but also caught, enjoying eye "bunny" beauty rivaling many a very sympathetic zajęczakowi the spread .... never mind what."

The most diminutive speaker from Albedo Audio has not oft seen attributes in a speaker it's size.  It plays delineated bass, is slim and easily set up, is a compliment to the eye rather than a detractor, and it is lightening quick with phenomenal staging abilities.  It also has a friendly impedance factor that makes it an easy match to amplification.



As Srajan Ebaen of 6Moons put it,

"The HL2.2 rewrote expectations twice, once on bass, then on its mostly 'anti-ceramic' character. The compression-chamber loading of the mid/woofer's rear wave really did the promised business. It extends LF reach, creates very solid output at the pipe resonance frequency and surprising action below it, albeit literally stepped down as though one crossed a discrete threshold...

Having heard Mårten Design and Kharma speakers to carry my own mixed bag of ceramic preconceptions, I was frankly unprepared for the wholesale absence of etch and whitishness this implementation of Accuton drivers celebrates. Recognizing their lust for power, I arguably had kicked off sessions with a best-case scenario with the mighty €15,000/pr Octave KT88-fitted MRE-130 monoblocks. But even amplifiers of their caliber can't turn swines into swans. While these speakers did all the expected disappearance tricks to soundstage like wanted bandits—all of that you've heard before—and were exceptionally astute in how they differentiated depth perception between different soundstage layers, they were not mechanical sewing machines whose entire raison d'être is on magnifying the transients. In fact, Triangle's Magellan Cello Sw2 in situ at the same time veered farther in that direction. And the French use a cellulose pulp (paper to us commoners) midrange. Geezus. This boggled the mind like so much gray jello. But then the ears have their own wisdom. They routinely are disinclined to hear what theory would want them to. (And the Triangle's treble does rise deliberately above 3,000Hz which the Albedo's does not.)..

Coming back to the opening header about 'the world's most beautiful speaker?', reactions on cosmetics will diverge. They always do. But I don't think anyone would deny the Albedo high style. It might not be for you but it surely conveys itself that a gifted industrial designer has labored hard over every little detail. Nearly invariably, audiophile dogma suspects at best second-rate sonic performance as a result. But this Italian blonde not only has the curves, she's also got a very sharp brain and killer instincts. Rather than monkey coffins and laboratory equipment, that's where the future in speakers must surely lie - small, dialed and attractive and bona fide high-end not in bed but the listening seat. "

We couldn't agree more.

System: floor standing two way, linear phase
Loading: transmission line filtered by resonators (Helmholine System)
Drivers: 5'' ceramic mid-woofer, 1'' ceramic tweeter
Crossover: acoustic first order, linear phase
Nominal impedance: 8 ohm
Sensitivity: 86 dB SPL (2.83V/1m)
Frequency response: 45 - 20.000 Hz
Dimensions: 26 x 19 x 101 cm
Weight: 19 kg net each
Finish: striped ebony, striped walnut

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