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Jarek Waszczyszyn has been working away.  After the success of the Studio Oslo, he began to think of what would be necessary to bring the Oslo format to the point of reproducing a grand piano.  Not an easy task for any speaker to give the gestalt and complex harmonies that the piano requires.  He knew he'd need more cone size, and more advanced amplification.  


After a year of working and re-working, the Master Oslo was born.  Going from a 3 inch driver to a 4.5 inch driver, and including in the construction a dedicated base to insure proper angle and reflection.  This is now a serious recording and mastering monitor.  It also happens to also be a fantastic monitor for those who wish to listen at their desk or in their living space.  Like the Studio Oslo it is equipped with a fantastic input circuit that allows for XLR devices to be plugged in for pro use, and two rca inputs for with high sensitivity (tv, pc, or iphone) and one with low sensitivity, (for dac or cd player)


As with the Studio Oslo, the Master Oslo come in it's own flight case.  You have the option of adding a subwoofer for those applications where more low-end dynamics are required

There is a slight wait time for this product due to high demand.  It's worth the wait, and perhaps one of the few all-in-one solutions that can satisfy even the most demanding music lover.

True Nearfiled Monitor

- Wide-band speaker 11,5 cm

- AB class internal amplifier 2x50Watt

- 106 dB SPL ( 1m, pair)

- Dedicated Analog Sound Processor for sound control

- Precision volume control

- Wide-range tone control

- XLR true balanced inputs ( 1 Vrms)

- RCA inputs 1 Vrms

- RCA inputs 0,5 Vrms

- Lightweight, but high current power supply

- RCA and mini-jack ( 3,5 mm ) cables included

- Subwoofer output

- Dedicated stands optional

- Dedicated subwoofer - Sub Oslo optional

- Dediates solid, flying case optional

- Dimensions ( W x H x D ) : 125 x 270 x 270 mm

- Weight shipping 6 kg ( 13 lbs.)

- Finishes factory : natural veneer (Masaccar Ebony), high gloss black, white,

- Custom finish for request : any natural or modified veneer, any color ( 0ver 2000 shades , RAL or NCS palette) high gloss, semi gloss, mat


For special-order colors go to either of these sites and we'll provide you with a quote.

RAL color chart:

NCS color chart:

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