Ardán Audio Elevation Pro EVP-MI - 120v -

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The Ardán Audio Elevation Pro EVP-MI has answered a question we have tussled with since long before the beginning of StereoDesk.  Given the amount of time and effort we place into every nuance of audio; how is it that manufacturers of fine monitors so often leave us blowing in the wind when it comes to proper support for their efforts.  Enter the EVP-MI.  There is no stone that the EVP has left unturned.  It has cable management, even considering the use of active speakers, so that your power cable and signal cables need never touch.  It can accomodate almost any size of monitor.  It has modern styling while possessing tank like build quality...and perhaps most importantly, it improved the sound of every speaker we used with it.  Why spend $4000 on a power cord when your monitors are not crossing your ears at the correct height, or if they are distorting with every jump volume.  The Ardán is an investment, but it is an investment you can apply to most every speaker you own from here to eternity.   It is a valuable tool in our everyday at stereodesk, and lets us know just how much can be squeezed from the performance of a monitor.  For the full 6Moons review go here.

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