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There is nothing 'mini' about the Aria Mini save the size.  It's performance, the technology that went into its meta data and burning of cd's , its on-board dac, are all grand achievements.  Oh, and we left out its fantastic styling.  Is it sexy or what?  Contact us for information on configuration and pricing.

  • Easy to use - just open your iPad™ and start playing music
  • 100% silent operation
  • 2TB* (HDD) or 1TB* (SSD) internal storage
  • Multizone support
  • Fully automatic CD Ripper* (insert & rip), with external DVD*
  • Best metadata retrieval in the market with auto access to 5 databases
  • Bit Perfect digital audio
  • Support for up to 32bit/384KHz PCM/DXD music files and DSD 64/128
  • Digital (USB) and unbalanced analog RCA outputs
  • Compatible with Airplay™ and DLNA™
  • Supports storage expansion * through wifi connected network

* Optional


Features aria mini


  • Slim all aluminum fanless case
  • Custom industrial grade, ultra low-power computer board
  • Switchmode Power Supply (external)
  • Linear mode Power Supply (Optional) 
  • Digital Audio Outputs: USB 2.0
  • Analog Audio Outputs: 2 x RCA (unbalanced)
  • Optional HDD or SSD and DVD-R


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