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(By Astell and Kern)

The Astell and Kern AKR02 marks another partnership between Final Audio and Astell and Kern.  With a balanced aperture, oxygen free copper cabling that is removable, and engineering from the masters of sound at Final, it's no wonder that everything is so exquisite...from the box, to the feel, to the easy sizing, and the mellifluous perfection that follows.  It oozes class and sounds utterly blissful.

The AKR02 will be shipping in the next month or two...all current orders are pre-orders and are taken on a first come, first served basis.

Or as they more purposefully inform from A&K:

Astell&Kern once again partners with the audio masters at Final Audio Design!
Tuned dozens of times by the audio experts at Final Audio Design, the Balanced Armature (BA) driver used in the AKR02 is the same unit found in their BA-SS earphones which gives a deep and rich sound.


Balancing Air Movement

With Final Audio Design’s proprietary BAM technology, the depth and three-dimensional sense of space of the audio can be conveyed. The principles of Dynamic Drivers, combined with the characteristics of Balanced Armature drivers represents the exquisite technique of the Balancing Air Movement (BAM).
What is the Dynamic Driver (DD) unit?
Originally developed for recording and playback of music, dynamic driver units consist of the magnet, coil, and diaphragm. Often commonly used in generic earphones, they are easier to tune than Balanced Armature units and can be produced at a lower price point. Using a large diaphragm in low frequency can result in good sound, but the diaphragm must be enlarged as well.

The principle operation of the lead Dynamic Driver unit (Lead Wires) is to supply an electrical signal to the coil. When the coil receives power, a magnetic field is induced from the vibration of the plate vibrating back and forth known as the oscillation burrowing principle.
What is the Balanced Armature (BA) unit?
The principle behind dynamic driver units and BA units are very similar. However, BA unit swere originally developed for use in hearing aids, rather than music playback. In general, average BA units are known for their weaker bass or lower end sound performance. The bass sounds better with larger dimension of the driver unit. To improve the lower-end sound performance of BA units, some makers use more than 2 BA units to boost the lower-end. This brings up crossover issues between drivers. And it increases the size of the earpiece drastically.

The principle operation of the BA driver unit relies on the supply of electrical signals to the coil via the lead wire and the Armature between the permanent magnets that vibrate up and down. This vibration is then transmitted to the diaphragm through the ringed metal pin and diaphragms within the earphone’s housing to produce sound waves.
The AKR02 incorporates superior BAM (Balancing Air Movement) technology
To resolve the aforementioned characteristics of BA unit earphones, 
there are many multi-BA unit earphones available in the market. 
Most suffer from crossover and size issues. 
FAD’s BAM resolved the crossover and size issues with its own patented technology, 
so called ‘Balanced Air Movement (BAM)’.

The advantage of FAD’s BA unit comes from its small size and high efficiency. 
FAD’s BA units are developed and fixed in a unique stainless steel housing, 
while maintaining a clear range in the high frequencies and overcoming 
the deficiencies of low frequencies normally found in traditional BA units. Typical BA units are generally mounted against the ear, sealing the unit and preventing airflow. Commissioned in the original development of the AKR02, an integrated air hole allows airflow to the BA unit. The air hole added between the BA unit and the stainless steel housing unit adjusts the internal airflow to the BA unit, which maximizes rich bass tones and overcomes the weakness of low frequency response found in typical BA driver units. FAD’s superior BAM technology produces the best and greatest performance out of a BA unit.
  • Housing                           
    • Stainless Steel
  • Driver Unit  
    • Custom-made Balanced Armature Driver
  • Impedance  
    • 16 ohm
  • Maximum Output (SPL)  
    • 112 dB
  • Cable Length  
    • 3.9 ft (1.2 m)
  • Weight   
    • 0.7 oz (20 g)

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