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Great new review from Tone Audio!!

 Okay, so you're Alex Rossen and you've just landed a Tomcat onto an aircraft carrier.  On your first try, you called the ball and hooked the third wire.  (no, I'm not a pilot, but Top Gun was playing while I napped this afternoon) What do you do now?  Well, you announce a headphone that pushes the envelope yet further.  The LCD3 is such a headphone.  Once you're enveloped by it's texture, ease of presentation and expansive vista of sound, you feel less like you've entered the world of engineering and more as though you've entered the world of art.  The Fostex TH900 is another such headphone.  They are rare, rare, breeds.

'It hadn't. Happened. In eleven years. If it had, I couldn't remember. I'd burnt through my entire review backlog. I was running on empty. Whilst new things were duly committed to, they hadn't arrived yet. Nor was it certain when they would. I was in a hole, how deep unclear. Time to solicit from my end for a change. I mentioned as much to Fred Crane. He is a long-time reader and US importer/dealer of unusual brands for his StereoDesk and Audio Prana enterprises. We share similar tastes in gear too. He promptly came back with an email list of stuff I might fancy. This included his personal LCD-3.  What's more, being a dealer for Fostex (HP-A8), Trafomatic Audio (Head One), Burson (Soloist, Conductor), Bakoon (HPA-21) and Mal Valve (Head Amp 3), Fred had already let slip about his favorite headphone amp. It wasn't any within that illustrious lineup but actually forthcoming from Austrian brand Crayon Audio. They are makers of the CFA-1 integrated I'd reviewed years ago and still was sorry to have let get away. I really should hear the new $10.500 Crayon CHA-1 statement with Audeze's best Fred said.' -Srajan Ebaen, 6Moons 

Steve Guttenberg of CNET, had this to say:

"I have never heard a set of headphones that got even remotely close to the sound of live music the way this one does" and "...if you want the very best, get the LCD3s." ...those lucky enough to have one tend to agree.

And on our over the top headphone station at the Cap Audio Fest:

"Which Fred at the Capital Audio Fest offered with a system my Peruvian friend Nino would call hallucinante - Saskia 2 Reference turntable fitted with a Schroeder Reference arm, Emia Strain Gauge cartridge and power supply into the Crayon CHA-1 and a pair of Audeze LCD-3 ." -Srajan at 6Moons.


Audeze headphones are meticulously designed by sound engineers and audiophiles from around the globe resulting in products that deliver unparalleled sonic performance.  The technical specifications of the LCD3 are as follows: 

  • Style:  Circumaural - open
  • Transducer type:  Planar magnetic
  • Magnetic structure:  Proprietary self-closing design, acoustically transparent
  • Magnet type:  High-grade Neodymium  
  • Diaphragm excursion:  2.5 mm peak to peak
  • Transducer active diaphragm area:  6.17 sq in
  • Sound pressure level (SPL):  130 db (maximum)
  • Ear pads:  Specially designed acoustically shaped foam inserts with premium lambskin or super suede cover
  • Frequency response:  5 Hz - 20 KHz, usable high-frequency extension of 50 KHz
  • Total harmonic distortion (THD):  Less than 1% throughout entire frequency range
  • Impedance:  45 Ohms, purely resistive
  • Efficiency:  91 dB/1 mW
  • Maximum power handling:  15 W (for 200 ms)
  • Optimal power requirement:  1-4 W
  • ADZ6SE Cable (single-ended):  ¼” TRS to 2x4-pin mini XLR 
  • ADZ6B4 Cable (balanced):  4-pin XLR to 2x4-pin mini XLR 
  • Cable length (both):  2.5 m or 8.2 ft
  • Weight:  548 g (without cable - Zebrano)

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