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OHNO continuous cast single crystal copper, sporting low eddy current resistance, may sound like a mouthful, but what they amount to is one of the most revealing and neutral cables on the market.

Audience Au24e Phono Cables "With the Audience cables the music is more dynamic both on the macro and the micro scale. Attacks are sharper. Cymbal crashes are more startling. The music sounds more like what I hear in the concert hall. "
Roger S. Gordon -- May/June '12 Issue 61

“Audience’s Au24e interconnects and speaker cables perform as well as any cables I’ve heard. What’s more, they compare favorably with other reference-quality cables, not only as an overall package of strengths and weaknesses, but line by line, in any sort of audiophile accounting.”-Brian Damkroger-Stereophile

There are more positive reviews than makes sense to print.  At StereoDesk and AudioPrana, this is our cable for a balanced system.  As always, contact us to insure good system matching and to arrange a trial.


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