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Audience is not a firm that upgrades product on a market swing basis.  When something truly compelling comes out of R & D it is exhaustively tested.  It has been 5 long year since a cable upgrade at Audience.  That's 5 times longer than many cable companies.  The reason is obvious.  If you've been a fan of the AU24 e, the new AU24se will take you that much further.  Listening to the top echelon of the AU24e, we thought, okay, doesn't really get better.  (and isn't that they way with each reference, only to find there is another plateau or ears didn't imagine.)  So here it is, the AU24 se.  How does it differ from the AU24 e...well, there's more there there.  Somehow it seems more relaxed without sacrificing it's exacting nature.  From a tech point of view they've added Tellurium to the metallic equation.  We're happy that Audience is still working everyday to make such great products that much better.  Welcome to the new reference. 

Currently se technology does not apply to XLR and other non-RCA terminated cable.   We've given you the option of the AU 24 e in those cases.  Lengths can be accommodated up to 15 meters.  If you need a length you don't see listed, please contact us.

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