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"The Audience AU24se cables are the most significant advance in cables that Audience has ever made, and we don't say that lightly. " John McDonald, President, Audience Cables.

Note, if you need a specific length or a Schuko termination, please contact us.  It is easily accomplished.  

The first high end cable to work with Sonos and their C7 connection!!!

In a world where bespoke solutions have become more or less an expectation, Audience is one of the first companies to address specific power cords for specific needs.  Now, you don't have to buy more or less than is required to attain the pinnacle of sound in your system.  The AU 24se standard is still available for your most demanding power hungry electronics.  However, for gear that requires lesser degrees of voltage, there are the LP (low power) and MP (medium power) choices.  Remember that Playstation you tricked out?  Remember that tuner you've spent a bundle on?  How about your old Studer gear or Tandberg tuner? Remember all of those odd great sources that only have a C7 plug for power? Now you can really up the ante of their performance by getting the C7 Audience AU24se Powerchord.  C7 for those of you not aware, is the two pronged pain in the ass that looks like this:

Suffer no more, now everything gets properly conducted a/c.


The Au24 SE MP, Au24 SE LP and Au24 SE c7 are designed to best suit the demands of components like preamps, CD players and D/A converters that require lesser amounts of AC power compared to larger amplifiers and other components that draw more power. Along with providing optimum performance, the new models offer significant savings over the cost of the original Au24 SE powerChord.

The Au24 SE MP powerChord features 14 AWG wiring and is recommended for use with components that require up to 150 watts of AC power. The Au24 SE LP employs 16 AWG wir- ing and should be used with components that require up to 50 watts. The Au24 SE c7 is also 16 AWG and fits into the c7 AC connector used on some audio/video components.

The MP, LP and c7 models all provide the same level of performance, when used as pre- scribed, as the standard Au24 SE, which utilizes 10 AWG wiring and is ideal for use with am- plifiers and components that have high power demands. As an added benefit, these power- Chords are exceptionally flexible for ease of use. 

All Au24 SE powerChords are designed to eliminate or reduce the traditional weak points of conventional powercords: more often than not, power cords will behave in a reactive manner and introduce capacitance, inductance and resistance into the electron flow, which will compromise the interface between the component and the power source.

“Can a power cord really make that significant of a difference? Rather than looking at a power cord as the last few feet in a long line of power delivery, consider the power cord as the first few feet of your component’s primary transformer winding,” noted John McDonald, president of Audience. “Viewed this way, a high quality, well designed power cord is an essential part of preserving the performance of your music or audio/video system.”


Audience Au24 SE powerChords feature a high-current, low impedance, wide bandwidth design for fast response, accurate reproduction of macro and micro dynamics, articulate bass, superior imaging, exceptional harmonic integrity, lower background noise and additional benefits. Au24 SE powerChords are constructed using the highest quality materials including OHNO high-purity monocrystal copper wiring, rhodium-plated copper plugs and IEC connectors and are available in both US and European Schuko styles.


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