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 Audience Conductor benefits from the trickle down technology of the best cables on the market.  From the AU Conductor-e, the AU24-e, and now the AU 24-se, comes enhancements that make the Conductor the most neutral and delineating entry cable on the market.  As Eric Hetherington of GoodSound put it after comparing the Conductor to Analysis Plus and Kimber:

"The cables you choose should leave you with no doubt that better performance can be had only at a far greater cost that would be out of proportion with the cost of the rest of your system.  The Conductor cables from Audience fit this description well. I can think of no good reason to spend more on cables for an affordably priced system. While using the Audiences, I never once longed for more. The Conductor is the affordable cable I’ll be recommending to friends and family."

Mike Healy of 6Moons felt similarly:

"To hear music with this much clarity and refinement is more than worth the asking price. I urge fellow audiophiles on their journey to greater musical heights to arrange for a demo of the Audience Conductor interconnects and powerChord power cables."

Note: If you don't see the termination or length listed that suits your need, please contact us.  Virtually any configuration of terminations is available.

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