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 Keeping Zeros and Ones in order from a transport to a converter, should be easy, right?  Truth be told it hasn't been.  Audience has managed to make to employ the same winning technology of it's analog interconnects to it's digital I/C's.  Whether Conductor or AU 24 SE, you owe it to your music to sample them with your Transport and Dac.  

“The sound is fast, airy, and punchy. I liked the way it opens up the soundstage, particularly on classical music, where it allows you to hear row after row of an orchestra. Overall, the soundstage seems to be deeper than it is wide. Tonality is beyond reproach. It captures the bore of an instrument with great fidelity. What about bass? Can a diminutive cable create a big sound? Judging by the impact of the Au24, the answer is emphatically yes.”
Jacob Heilbrunn -- AV GUIDE

"If you are a cable skeptic who believes that digital cables can't sound different, get your hands on Audience's Au24 S/PDIF cable. You will hear a difference with the Au24, and you may decide, as I have, that different in this case means better." Marc Mickelson-Soundstage

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