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Now get Audience's best PowerChords that are specific to your application.  Lower Power, Medium Power, and High Power Chords insure the best performance for any task and this flexibility saves a bundle of cash.  


Whether the PowerChord, or the PowerChord e, Audience can improve the conductivity between your components and your power conditioner or outlet.  Feel free to contact us about which line would be most appropriate for your system.  Like all cables from Audience there's a lifetime warranty and we offer a two week trial period.  We can also order custom lengths should you need a length not listed.

"A power cord that touches all the right bases. Its neutrality, low noise floor, and almost preternatural retrieval of spatial and ambient information are what you would expect in a TAS Product of the Year Award. But the Au24 also offers a strong sense of micro-resolution, honing in on sonic images with incisive focus and reproducing them with seemingly effortless immediacy. Last but not least, the Au24 powerChord is one of the more flexible high-end cords available, making it very handy for angled runs."
Neil Gader -- The Absolute Sound Jan 2012


  Positive Feedback 2009 Writer’s Choice Award
“Overall articulation with this cable in place is unparalleled in my experience; yet the sense of life, of body, of breathing, is almost magical. Extension at both frequency extremes seems limitless. And talk about quiet… music is free to emanate from the darkest, most unobtrusive background I've yet heard.” 
Greg Weaver, Senior Editor  - Nov '09


“The last thing I want to say about the sound with the Au24 powerChords in the system is just how much more listenable my system has become. With all the added detail and dynamics I have talked about, it still seems to present music in a more relaxed way. It’s as if the system doesn’t have to work as hard to produce this great sound, and the result is it sounds more like live music.”
Jack Roberts - Dec '09 Dagogo


"For existing powerChord owners, the low cost of upgrading makes the 'e' version perhaps the greatest bargain in all of high-end audio."
John Acton -- Dec 11 Positive Feedback

“Sometimes when we are trying to solve a problem with our system we forget to take a serious look at the power delivery of our system. It truly is amazing what the last six feet of AC "delivery wire' can do to the overall sonic footprint of your system. In my case, this difference was truly astounding!”
Jeff Parks -- Positive Feedback

“The differences were not subtle. Most obvious was the bass, which seemed deeper and more powerful than with the stock cord. Initially, I thought perhaps the powerChord e provided too much bass, but I soon got over that. What I heard was the deepest and weightiest bass I’ve ever heard from my system”. 
Vade Forester -- Feb 09-Soundstage

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