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Audio Magic has some very proprietary tech on offer.  The idea of using liquid as a conductor sounds novel at first.  Upon hearing you just know that it's brilliant.  For many of my right leaning systems, those that very resolved, Audio Magic keeps all of the signal, all of the spacial cues, while giving things a flow and natural, flesh and blood feeling that few I/C's of any caliber can match.  I think they're alone in the universe which is perhaps why some of the most discerning speaker makers in the world opt for their internal wiring.  The Audio Magic line of products hasn't been reviewed very much by the audio press.  It's not a huge company that has reviewer pull.  That will change in 2013.  
"I’ll spare you the litany. Via the Audio Magic Clairvoyant 4Ds, the discs I played displayed their individual characters, from sterling to disreputable, as revealingly as a mere mortal is permitted to ask for. Rather than homogenize, the Clairvoyants (along with everything else in the system) granted the software’s message a free and clear passage. These spectacularly successful cables don’t perform magic so much as permit it." Mike Silverton, Ultra Audio
"The Audio Magic Liquid Air wires contain a bit of modern day alchemy; for its design is a unique solution to the limitations presented by conventional cable design theory. The conductive polymer used in this cable performs in a manner that is not duplicated by 
traditional materials, or cable geometry. The results are quite stunning, with some of the purest vocal reproduction I 
have ever encountered. The Audio Magic Liquid Air cables represent a paradigm shift in audio technology, and are a 
culmination of the skills and experiences that Jerry Ramsey has acquired over his career."-John Hoffman of Affordable Audio
"I have never heard the Clairvoyant but I do have the Audio Magic liquid cables and they are the best cables I have ever had in my system. I have had cables that cost 2 times as much and they can't compete." Audiogon Forum

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