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Note: All Audio Magic Conditioners sold through StereoDesk, come with the liquid conductor upgrade.  It's the only way to fly.  Free Shipping in the US and Canada

John Hoffman of Affordable Audio says of the original Mini Reference:  "From my experiences, the Mini-Reference will make an improvement to a system that cannot be obtained in any other manner. If you do not use a power conditioner at this time, or have a unit you are considering replacing, then take the time to audition an Audio Magic Stealth series power conditioner."

Edward Barker of 6Moons: (on the predecessor of the Mini-Ref.)

"Now here's what's really frightening: The Stealth is designed to work with Audio Magic's silver power cords at something like $1000 a shot. The 240-volt version of the Mini Stealth comes in at $900 plus shipping and UK taxes. The decision to keep it was laughably easy for me but remember that I don't have a background of alternatives to compare it against (next up I'll be trying the Loricraft Power Supply). In the end, the Mini Stealth speaks for itself. I can't decide whether I'm just deeply impressed or completely floored. Either way - it's a pleasant dilemma to be in."

Jerry Ramsey of Audio Magic doesn't share the concerns of most engineers walking around. A look at his Grand Illusion PA-1, a literal wall of drivers Jerry uses to test his cables and power conditioners, leaves you with a slight mad scientist feeling.  Upon hearing it, you realize why it's a perfect tool for his obsessive testing.  It comes across as anything but a mish-mash of drivers, rather it's highly resolving and dimensional despite being drivers on a flat plane.  

It's this type of dedication to sound with complete disregard for convention that makes Audio Magic a unique voice in the audio universe.  For instance, Jerry is one of two engineers I know of that uses liquid as a conductor in his solutions.  Is he onto something?  You better believe it.  As evidence just look at the number of speaker makers who use his wire in their reference designs.  The same can be said of his power conditioners.  At each price point, they represent tremendious value.  There is a lushness, a predictable liquid flow to the music...that said, don't think that they sound that way at the cost of resolution.  You get the whole picture and then some.  We're enthused to be carrying Audio Magic products.

From the Audio Magic Site:

Mini Reference Gen II:

Now housed in a 1/2" acrylic cabinet givingthe end user high-end performance at a modest price. Featuring 2nd generation Pulse Gen Technology, Type 2 Liquid Air Module, Ground Disrupter Technology, 10 ga. silver conductors, Cryo Treated, MST Treated, Premium Capacitors, Hospital Grade Duplex's [4], 20 amp mini breaker. No power cord included. 12" W  x 9 1/2" D  x 5"  T. Available in 120v and 240v....


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