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"Want to get your audiophile loved one a really cool gift for the holidays? Skip the Bendos and silver bracelets - buy a set of Audio Magic Xstream power cables. Heck, at $99 for a 6' cable, I would recommend them to any audiophile who has been reluctant to spend ridiculous amounts of money to replace stock Beldens. To this reviewer's wrinkly ears, they offer definite sonic improvement, including better definition and detail, better bass and a neutral presentation - all for a very affordable price!"  Mike Makinowski - 6Moons

"These are some of the best power cables for the money I've found." Mart from Audio Asylum

"The ultimate in any product category is that component or ancillary that leap-frogs us closer to the connection with music that we all seek. Within the power-line ranks, the Clairvoyant is one of less than a handful of products I’ve encountered that is capable of creating such a connection and is in the elite class of the best I’ve ever used. The Clairvoyant naturally preserves music’s delicate structure of timing, rhythm, and pace. The engaging, ebullient signature it possesses, coupled with a convincing portrayal of music’s dynamic contrasts, redefines what can be expected from a power-line product at its price point. If there were a foible to dissect, I could say only that the Clairvoyant does not apologize for lesser recordings or equipment and does not have the richness of tone and varied hues through the midband when compared to my more expensive reference power cord.

If you are a power-line fence-sitter and wonder if reference power cords could do for your system what they’ve done for mine, the Clairvoyant is a must-audition product." Grant Samuelson - SoundStage

"The Clairvoyant Liquid Air simply does detail better than any power cord I’ve heard"-Dave Allison, Stereo Times

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