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The Audio Magic magic that's in the interconnects and power conditioners is exemplified in their speaker cable.  As Marc Mickelson of SoundStage points out,  

"...They're also some of the finest cables I've ever used and of absolute reference quality. They're musically harmonious and will help your system deliver every bit of nuance it can muster without the distraction of coloration or embellishment. Silver cables come with a reputation for sounding exceedingly clean and clear but often at the cost of shrillness. This is not the case with the Illusion cables, which sounded nothing but smooth and languid in my system--which I've built to excel in these areas, so I'd instantly notice and condemn any change. And what more can I offer about the Tubed Interconnect? It's expensive, unconventional, gimmicky, and sounds glorious. Call me foolish, but I'm buying one--so I can write better reviews of course!...On the other hand, if you don't want to settle for second best, find an Audio Magic dealer who can lend you the Illusion cables and the Tubed Interconnect."

We really like the WBT 0610-AG Banana Plugs as terminations.  They're an extra $800 per speaker cable pair, but you'll thank yourself every time you don't hear them.  (and they're a breeze to use!!)

We invite you to audition them with a money back guarantee.  We think you'll agree these are very special products.

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