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$2,500.00 $3,500.00

(By Auralic)

This is the famed Auralic Vega DSD DAC.  It was a trade in towards one of our CAD DAC and CAD CAT systems.

It garnered an award from 6Moons and Stereophile had this to say

 "I am tempted to declare that, at $3499, the Auralic Vega is a bargain. For just over 5% of the price of the dCS Vivaldi three-piece DAC, the Vega got remarkably close in sound quality" "You know what? For its sound quality alone, the Auralic Vega—okay, Mr. Wang, AURALiC VEGA—indeed is a bargain. It's digital and DSD done right!"

AudioStream: "To say that I was wowed by the Auralic Vega is an understatement. "Its ability to turn music reproduction into an engaging and thrilling musical experience is simply stunning. Offering up to DXD and 2x DSD playback, the AURALiC Vega has everything going for it that a DAC should and then some."

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