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Akira Nagai and Soo in Chae are back at it.  This time with a more affordable version of their reference HPA-21 headphone amp.

A fantastic option for many headfi nuts.  And it's almost half the cost.  A real steal in this market place.  It does lack the last few percent of performance of the HPA-21 but has the same incredible drive, battery power supply etc...and it lacks the Satri connection one would use if using with other Bakoon products.

This from the Bakoon web site:

Looking at our new HPA-01, you won't need a magnifier to notice the spitting image of the multiple award-winning HPA-21.

We daringly disassembled the HPA-21, condensed and simplified details, carefully redesigned and reduced it to a more budget-friendly version. But don't get us wrong. The transcendental soul of HPA-21 remains untouched in the HPA-01. Sharing the same core technology, namely our SATRI Circuit and unique current driving method, the HPA-01 delivers unmatched precision and power to the most demanding headphones.

The HPA-01 is deadly quiet for extreme resolution. Ultra-wide bandwidth translates into the absence of subliminal fuzziness. Simply put, the HPA-01 executes the delivery of sound the way an amplifier should.

Dedicated, yet smaller - every audiophile's dream. Thus, we reciprocate to the call.





Input 1 Voltage (RCA)
Input Impedance 10 KΩ (Voltage)
Output Current / Voltage (simultaneous)
Gain High / Low switchable (current output only)
Maximum Power Output 1 watt (50 Ω, 1 kHz)
Frequency Response 10 Hz ~ 1 MHz
Battery Type Li-ion
Battery Operate Time Up to 10 hours
Battery Recharge Time 4 hours (80% capacity) / 6 hours (full capacity)
Dimensions 160 mm (W) x 220 mm (D) x 33 mm (H)
Shipping Weight 2.5 kg

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