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The HPA-21 is a battery powered current headphone amp utilizing Akira Nagai's Satri Circuit.  It's a game changer.  Read Srajan Ebaen's Preview in 6Moons:

"The Korean amp simply killed me with the HD800. I had never heard them as good safe perhaps with the Leben. Yet in this juxtaposition the Japanese was clearly colored and at times I had to switch in its 'bass boost' tone control to compensate for the lack of a given recording. The Bakoon never required any such compensation however. I never felt a lack of anything. I thus was most impressed. I'd never heard the Sennheisers this perfect before...With Wojciech's 2nd opinion confirming my own findings albeit with different comparators and listening biases to expand context, an award really was the only logical conclusion. Since Wojciech felt the same to grant his own Red Fingerprint award, it'd be a bit silly to issue two. Consider the above thus shared between our two publications (perhaps think of it as a blue fingerprint?). Congratulations to Nagai Akira and Soo-In Chae!" Srajan Ebaen and Wojciech Pacula.

Here's a snippet of Soo In Chae and the HPA-21 at the Munich show which is finishing up today.  Thank You Moiz Audio of Norway for taking these films


From Soo In Chae or Bakoon Products International, " "More and more people love the AMP-11R as headphone amp. We thus wanted a more affordable model superior even to the 11R for this specific purpose. With an output impedance close to 2.5MΩ, expect up to 1/10ththe headphone distortion with the HPA-21's current-mode output. We believe this will be a true game changer. It's a larger one-box solution with internal battery power supply derived from our EQA-11R."

Occasionally you hear tell of a product that seems unavoidable.  Bakoon's new HPA-21 Headphone Amp seems such a product.  Something that trumps it's predecessor in a particular area, while being more affordable.  (of course it attempts to be nothing other than a headphone amp, unlike it's multi tasking older sibling.) The source of that information is a most important quotient.  So when an owner, someone that I would describe as subtle in his assertions and predictions, Soo In Chae, says he has a game changer on his hands, one must take a closer look, and listen.  So despite knowing that predictions of yet to be heard gear are CandyLand, track record and integrity brings one to the inevitable conclusion that this will be next.  If you hear surrender in my words, it's because representation without true hands-on experience with a product, is counter to our ethos, but our exposure to Bakoon thus far has been completely in-line with their company's predictions save where they excede them.

And so, we have the Bakoon HPA-21.  A new reference in headphone amplification.


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