Cyber Monday Boenicke W20SE with Swing Stands (see video) - -

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$10,000.00 $41,250.00

(By stereodesk)

These were the most recent top of the line speaker from Boenicke in Basal Switzerland.  They're in cherry and as Sven said, he hasn't had cherry this nice since.  They are full of more speaker finery (Duelund amps the size of two fists, and fine silver wire, and their own swing stands, a special Audio Consulting of Switzerland transformer on the RAAL tweeter.  They have been our reference for 3 years, and kept in pristine condition.  

Here is a video of them with Grandinote amplification.

It's time to make room for a new set that are thrice the cost and twice the size.

Srajan Ebaen of 6Moons closed with his review of the W20se's with, 

"I honestly haven't come across anything in my audiophile career which combined these particular ingredients at this level of execution. X then marks the spot. And some will sign their Wilhelm Tell right next to it..."

They are quite heavy so we will deliver and set them up personally. (175 pounds each) 

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