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Please contact us for a dealer in your area.  We are now distributing Boenicke Audio throughout the U.S.

Sven Boenicke can't leave perfection alone.  Upon sampling a new bass driver for his phenomenally received W5 monitor, (while waiting for the back-ordered current bass drivers), he heard something he liked.  He liked it so much that it put him to machinating.  The result is the new W5se.  The topology of the original crossover has been revised, there are higher quality parts throughout, and a additional resonators within the cabinet. 

We still love our original W5s.  The 'se' model extends the bass and adds a bit more of everything that we already to admire in the W5.

From the new 6Moon review almost completed, and from a tour of the Boenicke Audio Srajan Ebaen had this to say,

"To say that the W5 blew our minds would be putting it criminally mild."

"Here's how Marja & Henk put it in their show report about the Boenicke demo: "We were really stunned by the effortless performance and complete absence of hifi artifacts. The large room was filled with music and devoid of any concerns over imaging, soundstage, dynamics, liquidity, coherence or whatever other audiophile checklist items one could muster. There was just music. Already from this relative brief encounter we will state that if we had to start all over again with assembling an audio system, we'd turn to Sven Boenicke for speakers first." That's from experienced listeners who own Avantgarde Acoustic Duo Omega and Acarian Audio Pnoe speakers."


'Running off Wyred4Sound's mINT preceded by an Asus Xonar Essence One Muses Edition DAC and digitally tapped iPod Classic 160GB, the W5 unceremoniously displaced my Gallo Strada2 as new king of the luxury desktop hill..

 To think of it as a desktop monitor is really doing yourself and the speaker a tremendous disservice.

The finest small monitor we've ever experienced.

Read the review, soon to be completed, here and the fantastic factory tour, here

(and you can hear first hand what has astonished me about Boenicke's work...they keep tone while doing everything else...a trait that is supremely rare.)

There is a 3-4 week wait maximum for the W5.  

Sven Boenicke's W5 has given the High End Desk Top a new frontier.  With a speaker comfortably made to rest on a desktop-like surface, this speaker takes the space of other desktop monitors we've tried, and improves on it.  Adding to that, what can only be described as a wet, present, alive presentation of tonal colors.  All the information is there, but it's really gets to the breath of the instruments. Welcome to our new desktop reference. Partnered with Crayon or Bakoon Electronics, your desk is now a portal to the front row.

We've also been having wonderful reports of it being used in larger rooms, matched with a well tuned sub. Speaking of which, look for just such a sub in the coming weeks.



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