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We're getting through the end of our B8 of my favorite speakers will no longer be available soon.  We're offering these new speakers at a substantial savings till the last ten sets are gone.

The Boenicke B8 may be the shortest floorstanding speaker I've come across.  That in and of itself is almost enough to make me love it.  The fact that it blows my hair back from its height-challenged resting place is further reason to celebrate.  

The W5 won the hearts of every user and reviewer that I've had the privilege to of experiencing it with.  The tone, spatial acuity, and musicality...really you just have to hear them.  The B8 is destined to accomplish the same feat while reaching down another octave or so.  Whereas many feel no need for a sub with the W5, the B8 really takes that conversation off the map save for our techno, trance, and organ friends.  Also the B8 can be had semi active (where bass drivers are powered by an on-board amp), fully active, (where all drivers are powered by on-board amps), and fully passive where all elements of amplification are left to the end-user.  (we have some suggestions regardless of your choice.)


This from the Boenicke Website:


Our B8 floorstanding speaker model is certainly the right choice when high tech and high sound quality must meet top quality design and craftmanship.

The side walls are made from 3-layer fir tree with a 5 mm topping of maple, cherry or walnut.
Front and rear are bent from solid maple, cherry or walnut.

The internal structure is a unique combination of cavity partition (into hundreds of very small cavities), bracing of the side walls and sound pressure absorption,
all this practically without wool or other soft absorbing material.








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