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(By Boenicke)

Please contact us for a dealer in your area.  We're distributing Boenicke Audio throughout the US.

From the agile mind of Sven Boenicke, comes the Swing Racks.  The same tech that Joachim Gerhard called, "the tuning item of the decade." is now available to benefit all of your equipment.  Using massive pieces of 3 inch thick hardwood, the system floats freely in the air, and can swing with rather than internalize vibration.  Real hard wood is still the perfect material for effectively disbursing vibration.  The racks are made to order for your particular systems needs. We're using ours to isolate everything from the Saskia Turntable, to the Rockna Dacs, and even a very brilliantly conceived headphone station. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

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