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Great new review from Enjoy the Music!!  


" consider this warning, music lovers; these speakerswill ruin you. Don't give these speakers a serious audition if you aren't prepared to have your perceptions of reproduced sound forever rocked. Once you hear the ClairAudient perspective, you will likely find that you will be unwilling, even unable, to accept anything less! By less, I mean you will not find this level of transparency, purity of timbre, coherence, microdynamic shading, and resolve without spending eight, ten, or even twelve times more money!"

-Greg Weaver- Enjoy the music.  Read the full review here


The wait is over.  The ClairAudient 1+1 is here.

The ClairAudient 1+1 has been making trial appearances around the larger audio shows this year.  The returns are unanimous in claiming them true music makers, defying both size and price expectations.  They are all most of us will ever need for medium to small size rooms in need of reference sound.  Officially they’re not on the market yet, but we’re waiting with baited breath.

They possess the same crossover-less design of the cost no object ClairAudient Reference 16+16 MKII.  As John Atkinson of Stereophile reported,

“The small blue speaker in the photo is the Clairaudient 1+1 ($1800/pair), which uses just one drive-unit front and back, with a passive radiator on the side, and sounded very much larger than looks would suggest.”

Come have a listen, these speakers are sound space defying.


Clairaudient Loudspeaker Specs


The ONE 1+1 2+2
Impedance 8ohms 8ohms 4ohms
Efficiency 84db 87db 90db
Max RMS Continuous
Output Per Pair
98db 104db 110db
Max RMS Continuous 
25w 50w 100w
Dimensions 7” high
7” deep
5.5” wide
8” high
9.75” deep
6” wide
Weight 4 lbs. per speaker  

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