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(By Continuo)

The Continuo Opus 3 Turntable System.  For a good long time we've been searching for an entry level table that fulfilled the promise of great vinyl.  By that, we don't mean, 'oh isn't it nice to have a record player-it's novel at parties and looks super!! No, we mean the true heart of vinyl which most people never get to hear.  It's the kind where you can't walk past a record store without feeling a pang, looking at the time, and making yourself late for wherever your heading.  It turns records into an addiction.  By the way, without clean records, you may as well be tracing the grooves with a toe nail, so buy a decent record cleaner...we have them at many price points.  

So, a turntable is a system, not unlike an audio system is a system.  No one has ever heard a pair of speakers before...they've heard a source and amplification, the cabling between, and eventually the culmination of that out of some speakers.  The same is true of a turntable.  You hear the table, the arm, the cartridge, and everything between.  They are all integral, which is why it doesn't hurt to have the table manufacturer design the arm in some cases.  In the case of the Saskia, you can have two engineers who've known each other for years come up with some ideas.

The Continuo has been around since the early 80s.  For decades, in their Swedish lair,  they have been quietly perfecting the design.  What they've done is create a table that plays legions ahead of its price point...real reference sound.  Our goal was to get a great system for $5k that truly showed you what was what in high end vinyl.  The Continuo Opus 3 with their new arm, and a Transfiguration Axia Cartridge is exactly that combination.  You may notice that the cartridge costs about the same as the table.  Well, the excellence of the table calls for it.  So you have two very synergistic players, each who play well above their price points, showing you the way to the record store.

This is a no apologies reference set.  Enjoy enjoy enjoy.  We do.

The Continuo comes in a wood finish.  Piano gloss and colors, polished platters and so forth, can be had for a surcharge.

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