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(By HiFiMAN)

Demo Unit, pristine, FREE SHIPPING.

"the crown jewel of the HiFiMAN collection" -Srajan Ebaen

Happy math. Whilst on purely personal balance the LCD-XC off a current-mode Bakoon—HPA-21 or HAP-01—remains my absolute favourite headfi, that headphone alone costs twice what the HE-560 demands. Add to this sobering fact that the HifiMan is comfier to wear longer; and is overall more illuminated and airy, i.e. superior in the high registers. If I was honest with myself, I had to admit it. My long-held alliance with the house sound of Audeze had finally hit upon a fully viable alternate. Different emphasis, another personality but just as satisfying to listen to. Ultimately more resolved and as such very responsive to voicing with ancillaries. All that at lesser wallet cramps. Whilst Oppo's colossal resources tried hard to mix it up at the very top with their PM-1, to my ears—and omitting Fostex and Abyss which I've not heard—the top models in planar land are the Audeze X models and HifiMan's HE-560. Because vampires are popular (and why wouldn't they be, they're immortal), let's leave it like this. My neck now bears the mark of Bian's fang. I've been made. Now I've got an HD-800 I actually love to listen to. Because it's a planar..." - Srajan Ebean

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Well the Crown Jewel has just been made phenomenally better.  More comfortable, easier to drive, while possessing all of the the excellence that propelled the HE-500 to its glory, the HE-560 and Fang Bian have truly turned a corner this year in Headfi, both with their headphones and portable players.

First availability will be March.  Pre orders are being taken.  I know my orders are in!!

First come, first served.


Here are a few reviews from the HE-500 below to refresh your memory.  Reviews of the HE-560 haven't been assigned yet. By all accounts we're in for a real treat!!

"Those looking to choose between the HE-500 and LCD-2 should favor the HE-500 for it’s breathtaking speed, and the LCD-2 for its honeybath of PRaT (pace, rhythm, and timing). I suggest buying both.

Five years from now, with the latest planar magnetic headphones wrapping my noggin, I may look back at this review and wonder how I was so impressed. But for the moment, I’ll gladly suffer my ignorance and play sweet music on my HiFiMAN HE-500 planar magnetic headphones. Ahhhhh!"

-Tyll Hertsens-InnerFidelity

It seems Fang Bians study of nano technology has truly paid off on his take of the reference headphone experience, and on each subsequent rung on the ladder. 

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