Crayon CCD-1 - 120v -

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(By Crayon)
The Crayon CCD-1 has been years in development.  It is not merely a CD player of phenomenal quality, it can also serve as a digital hub for your entire system.  With USB (44-192ks), SPDIF, and I2S (think streaming) it delivers the highest level of performance in one box.  Most important to it's elevated performance are the multi layered boards for digital conversion-think Jeff Roland Aeris.  With the Crayon, you also have power regulation run laterally, not in series and the master clock is run over a PLL not only the clock. Oh, and the CCD-1 does 32 bit 192ks.
All of the technical information aside, what we're left with is a CD/DAC/Streamer that has world class spacial resolution, and one of the most developed top ends of any digital device we've had the pleasure of experiencing.
The US debut will be in a December or January.  Together with the Crayon CFA-1.2 integrated amplifier or the upcoming CFA-2  separates, you will have world class sound that is unique in it's ability to portray space and the best of solid state and tube designs.  Really you have to listen to them to understand just how without cliche, the last statement was made.  It is not often that with two pieces of attractive equipment that you can have all of your audio itches scratched at this vaunted level...a great phono section, tremendous digital, and one of the best one piece ams we've heard.

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