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 This from a recent write up in 6Moons about the Albedo and the Crayon as a combination:

Whilst a feature report on the Austrian amp, this particular speaker match was so exceptionally happy as to suggest the perfect system review to give shoppers a guaranteed recommendation whose only very minor variable remains the source component. Albedo's clever down-firing and narrowing transmission-line loading is super unfussy about placement to work anywhere. The CFA-1.2's uncanny 'turbo' boost of the small 6-inch Accuton woofer decommissions the need for a subwoofer even in a 5.5 x 12m room. Together they make for a very stylish compact reference hifi that won't turn your living room into a shrine to electronica or a hardware cemetery. Sonically cut from the same cloth, this becomes an ultra-resolved stunningly spacious completely light-filled sound of phenomenal articulation as modern as the aesthetics.


AND ANOTHER BLUE MOON AWARD FOR CRAYON AUDIO!!  It's rare to be bestowed with one at all, but two for an updated product is rarer still.




 Crayon's CFA-1.2 is a marvel of discrete circuitry.  It has one of the finest MC phono stages ever seen in an integrated amplifier, going so far as to  allow for adjustments in load as you dial in your cartridge on the fly.  Not only that, but a recent innovation in the cpu allows for a loudness control used precisely by entering the sensitivity and impedance of your speakers, which is perhaps why even horn lovers have begun using the CFA-1.2, based on it's clarity and life regardless of the playback volume.  The amplification circuit has the best attributes of tube and solid state designs.  In fact, more than any other solid state amplifier, it embodies the lit up nature of fine tubes, while putting out 90 well damped watts per channel.  This is truly one of the few reference one box solutions we've found.  To try and source similar quality and functionality, would require separates or spending substantially more money.

The CFA-1 won a vaunted Blue Moon Award on 6Moons, and Srajan Ebaen had this to say:

 "Hearing the shadows is a very tubular thing. It creates a natural hologram in which dimensional placements aren't derived from hyper focus against blackness. Instead, our perception of recorded space comes from 'presence halos' which surround the musicians as reflections and decays. Those are secondary and tertiary shadows that create relief and nuance. This type of lighting isn't the white brightness of high noon where everything is super crisp and sharp as in the NuForce sound. Compared to triode sound, such whiteness feels stark and stripped of the half-life stuff that creates interconnectedness. Once we reduce the white level with its extreme contrast against the inky blackness of silence, half tones of mixed light reappear. Contrasts tone down, outlines soften but the tonal palette and space get deeper...

Whatever you want to call that action, the CFA-1 does it exactly like a direct-heated no-feedback single-ended triode amp. I referenced this directly against my A-09S Yamamoto to eliminate all doubts about overactive imagination and wishful thinking....

 Crayon Audio's CFA-1 is another of those defiant products. For those who relate to low-power triode amps first on gestalt or feel and only second on sound, this transistor amp is a fantastic stand-in. To the extent it fulfills that role, it's a first in my experience. Sonically, it's more resolved, with apparently faster rise times for phenomenally articulated string attacks and superb harmonic finesse embedded in a wide-open, utterly benign treble range. It's also not as harmonically padded...

Again conforming to SET precedents however, the CFA-1 is perfect for high-efficiency speakers. It comes on song at very low output voltages and is dead quiet. Perhaps because of its DC coupling which avoids signal-path capacitors, this amp is also very SET-ish on immediacy. Yet it successfully avoids the starkness which such directness can assume when the inter-note stuff gets stripped away. The Crayon integrated soundstages like a demon where it reminds me of a breast-stroke swimmer who reaches his arms as far sideways as possible before pulling back. How the far corners of the broad virtual stage get filled up with musical presence is truly a thing of beauty... 

Prolonged exposure to our hobby is supposed to make one jaded and cynical but the CFA-1 defies that too by leaving me seriously impressed. Given the market, Peter Steinfadt has his work cut out of course. But boy did the man ever bag a winner." 

We feel we've bagged a winner as well.  One listen will tell the tale.

Invented in Austria, built in Germany. Switching net part from Switzerland, 3 Line Inputs, 1 Phono MM / MC, Tape-out, Power Output ... CFA-1/90: 2 x 90 watts/4 ohms (2 x 63 watts/8 ohms)

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