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Great review from Mono and Stereo!!

'The Crayon Audio CFA-1.2 already showed its extraordinary capabilities at Mono And Stereo and now its smaller brother wants to prove equal sonic qualities - at a much lower price point. Lacking only in some unimportant features, the sound quality fully stands up to the very high standards set by its predecessor and even goes a bit further in terms of bass control and slam. Like his elder brother, the CIA-1 can form a basis of a simple but highly musical system that will make you forget about the hifi madness for years to come, instead allowing you to explore musical worlds and surrender yourself to the emotional content.'

-Mono and Stereo- read the full review here

Have you longed for the exquisite representation of music that is unique to Crayon Audio without going quite as deep into your wallet as the past has seen fit.  Well, welcome the Crayon CIA.  It gets you a good distance down the avenue of the CFA 1.2 without quite the outlay of dinero.  Unlike the CFA 1.2 you can also opt out of a phono stage, saving even more.  However don't think of this as a budget unit.  It is simply scaled down and size, less one display, and for those with even more modest needs in terms of power.

The CIA also has oodles of power at 75 watts into 8 ohms and 110 into 4 ohms.  That's quite a bit of punch for a slim integrated, and with the musical joy of Crayon's sound.  This from their site.


Puristic, clear, stripped to the essentials and featuring outstanding elegance, the CIA-1 NATURAL ALUMINIUM shines thanks to well rounded combination of high quality insides and beautiful appearance.

The CIA-1 NATURAL ALUMINIUM is a stereo amplifier with a high quality aluminium body, with a baseplate that doubles as a heatsink.

The CIA-1 NATURAL ALUMINIUM features LED indicators to display channels and MM/MC switching while completely renouncing display or menu. The chosen channels are indicated by illuminated LED´s, which also show the on/off sequences. The LED labeled MC indicates Moving Coil (LED on) or Moving Magnet (LED off) operation.

The interior of the CIA-1 NATURAL ALUMINIUM: complex and cunning.

The position of the poti indicates the volume. Everything apart from volume and channel selection (and MC/MM switching) has been stripped. Channels can be selected using a touch key or the remote control. Volume is adjusted using a motor-potentiometer by ALPS, with 2 variations to choose: linear or logarithmic. Logarithmic potentiometers have the advantage of a more homogenic volume behaviour across all volume levels. They are to be favoured when using speakers with high efficiency (>92dB/W/m) since low volumes can be tricky to adjust using linear potentiometers in combination with loud speakers.
Channel switching is done using CMOS-switches featuring circuit design found in professional studio equipment and ensures great stopband attenuation.

Simplicity in perfection: everything you need

The amplifiers standard output are 2x 90 Watt/4 Ohms. It also comes with a ergonomic, user friendly remote.

Since the CIA-1 NATURAL ALUMINIUM is designed using the newest standards, digital/analogue crosstalk is as low as physically possible and virtually non-existent.

All inputs feature current compensated inductors which dampen symmetric HF-signals ranging from 1MHz to >300MHz without influencing the input signal while decoupling the RCA-jacks ground-contacts.

The CIA-1 NATURAL ALUMINIUM: a converter within tonal worlds, full of warmth, precision and control.

A special feature is the chance to choose between four line inputs or three line inputs plus a phono preamp.

Our units are available in standard aluminium or timeless elegant black.


 High Quality Aluminium Casing                                                                                                            Speaker Output 78 Watt / 8 Ohms , 105 Watt / 4 Ohms (Peak 122 Watt / 4 Ohm)                                      4 Line Inputs or 3 Line Inputs plus 1 Phono Input1 Record and 1 regulated Output                            Ergonomic Remote Control, Baseplate doubles as Heatsink                                                                    LED Indicators for On/Off Status, Volume, Channel, Standby Button, no Menu.



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