Crayon CPH-P - Phono -

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(By Crayon)

This is Roland Krammer's separate phono stage.  It has been Stereodesks reference for the past 12 months.  After being asked to make a reference phono stage for one of Europe's top listening rooms, Roland Krammer of Crayon decided to make one slightly more accessible for the general public.  The CPH-P is that stage. It is a clear and spacious stage to your vinyl collection.  Also, more than any other phono stage I've used, it is easily adjustable.  Those easy adjustments make listening to a wide array of my records possible where before they were not.  With the turn of a knob, records with unlistenable pops are listenable, while my reference vinyl is pristine and spacious in the fashion that we have come to expect from Mr. Krammer's efforts.  Please look forward to a review of the CPH-P in March by Michael Fremer.


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