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(By EarSonics)
There is no better isolation than a fitted in-earphone.  They are super easy to drive, despite having 6 miniature drivers in each ear.  The dynamic swings are ridiculous.  The EM6 has a way with acoustic music that is startlingly present.  We don't see much in the way of reviews because each ear piece is made from an imprint of someone's ear canal-therefore most reviewers haven't been sent one.  I mean would you want to borrow mine?  Trust me, no.  As with all headfi, (and especially with in-ear wear), please take care to protect your hearing.  The dynamic swings and volumes need to be carefully watched-the complete lack of distortion makes one think the music is slightly less loud than it is.

This is the ultimate accoutrement for travelling headfi or for definitively not bothering your neighbor.

Sensitivity: 124 dB / mW 
-Frequency Response: 10 Hz -20 kHz 
-Impedance: 60 ohms 
-Driver: 6 transducers with 3-way crossover 
-Supplied with cable "y" replaceable, wipes, cleaning tool , 
carrying case. 
Guarantee for 1 year excluding cable.

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