Elysian Fields (Heaven) - integrated amp -

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(By Trafomatic)

When earthly concerns are no longer yours, there is a dream we can present.  It begins with an amp, perfectly suited to the task of driving our favorite headphones...what does that mean?  It means plenty of current, regardless of volume.  It means the purity of one output device, in this case the rare as hens' teeth Eimac 75Tl tubes,  These tubes were made to last, hand blown and assembled in California. They are works of art that pre-date the concept of planned obsolescence.  Each amplifier is interstage coupled, and transformers are wound especially for the circuit.  No cost has been spared.  (the tube cages will be clear in the final version to highlight the 75TL's gorgeous figure)     

Add to that Rockna's new Reference Dac (sporting their own R2R solution) being fed by our Aria Reference server, and you have a new level of sublime.  

Listening to our specially tailored AKG-K1000s, top Audeze, top HiFiMAN or Enigma Acoustics is a gift from the angels.  There is nothing like it.  To make it is the ultimate bedroom system, just add a pair of Voxativ Pi's or Ampeggios and the world is your heavenly oyster.  Talk to us about tailoring an analog source and acoustic design display to best suit your environ.

 Lastly, for those wanting to add Stax to the equation, we offer the ultimate silver transformers as an option.  Please inquire if the best is your only option.

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