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Let's get to the heart of it.  We don't carry much in the way of stand-alone preamps.  Our journey has led us to a less is more kind of ethos.  That theory works very well, except when it doesn't.  When it doesn't is when you put the Emia Attenuator in the chain.  Emia took the 'do no harm' ideology of most preamps and changed it to, make whatever's put into me it's own highest version of perfect.  While still being an uber transparent attenuation of source.  I've loved it each time I've had the opportunity.  

Dave Slagle had been making volume solutions for years.  This is your opportunity to see why so many makers of fine gear employ his attenuation devices. Arthur Salvatore called it the finest device of it's type that he's encountered and Arthur is notorious for being a serious critic.  He also gave it a Class A rating.  The only device of it's kind to get that rating.  Read about it here.

Emia's Attenuator hits on all cylinders and can be ordered with remote.  It has three inputs and two outputs.  It makes a superb controlling center for any serious system.  With the permalloy 50 monoblocks, it's a dream, a very very good dream. Get the Attenuator in it's remote or manual form.


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Emia Attenuator

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