Emia Permalloy 50 Amps - Amplifier -

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(By Emia)

Thanks to Scot Hull and Part Time Audiophile for the great pics!!


Okay, now we've entered into the realm of magic.  That said, this magic could fit onto your desk, or a sideboard, next to the bed, essentially anywhere you need great music.

Do you want the magic of the 300b without its drawbacks.  Welcome to the world of the Type 50.  I should mention that it's only magical when employed in a circuit designed and executed by engineer/artists who combine knowhow with tons of empirical work. There is only so much a book will tell you.  Then you have to align your circuit, change one element...listen, return that aspect and change another.  Until you've come up with the best of the possible sounds for your end.

We're really glad that there are people who thrive on this type of experimentation and that they are not us.  'They' are Jeffrey Jackson and Dave Slagle who together are Emia Audio.  So, if you want to enter the highest echelon of single ended amplifier design, welcome to Emia.  These are hand made units, made to order and well worth the wait.  (think 4-6 months.)The Type 50 Triode and all of its precise magic is being made again by 3 top tube making companies, so you needn't worry about re-tubing.  





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