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(By Emia)

Dave Slagle is a transformer guru.  There have been moments when he began talking about magnetics in a way that gave me pause.  It was like someone had put something in my drink.  Metallics and magnets are his friends and as a result some of the worlds most discerning manufacturers have contracted Dave to wind their iron.  This is definitely a case of art meeting science.  It is labor and it is love...maybe even obsession.

It was recently at the Capital Audio Fest that Michael Fremer was looking at Dave's Silver Step-Ups.  Boy did he want more.  It's like that for people who know what Dave does.  You know you're going to want it.  You also know it may take some time to get, but that when you do, it will have been well worth the wait..

So, now you can order them on-line...to a degree they're all made to order.  So we should talk about your system first.  Just contact us, and we can talk load and gain etc.  You won't find anything as pure and open to the musical event as Dave's Step-Ups.

Silver Step-ups are possible, but they are based on the market rate of silver and as the others, take some time. Again, just contact us and we can go over pricing once we no your needs.


Please note: Transformers prices are based on labor but largely on raw materials-prices may change.  Please inquire.

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