Erato (the Muse of Lyric Poetry (poems to be accompanied by a lyre, i.e. lyric) or Love Poetry) - 120v -

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(By Fostex)
The Fostex TH-900 is a work of art.  Watch the video regarding the process and you can tell that this was a labor of love, not a project set forth to make a number.  When I use the TH-900, the world is a sweet and personal.  But sometimes you want something that is also exacting and spacious...enter the Sennheiser HD-800.  The HD-800 is also the statement of one of the long time experts in the field as to their idea of the state of the art.  Two 50 year old companies from the East and the West, displaying their idea of high art.  We get to enjoy them both.  But what can we drive them with, that can satisfy the comfort of a Rolls and the curves of a Formula One?  Well, the Trafomatic Ref 2 fits the bill gorgeously.  Have it all. Yin and yang.  You deserve it.  For the ultimate of each, inquire about our special cabling from Stefan Audio Arts.

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