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'I have enjoyed them over a week now 3/4 hours a day, I am so enthralled by the sound quality of the PHVI although the comfort is clearly an issue (editor-new ear pads now, super comfy) they are such a step up my previous headphones that I totally forget about it. There is something about how they're tuned that just connects with me and make me "forget about them" in a way, it's just me and the music and the world fades away. Those are the first headphones that elicit such level of emotion for me. Final Audio has captured my attention there in a big way'

With the synergistic effect of a hybrid design that merges balanced armature with a 50mm diameter dynamic driver unit coupled with BAM mechanism, we’ve achieved an extraordinarily vast sound stage. The music fixed inside our heads with headphones up until now vibrates in a vast space from side to side and with depth.






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