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With the overweening success of the Fostex TH900, all in the land of headfi hoped and wondered if some of that magic would trickle down to something a bit more manageable.  So it has.  At close to half the investment, Fostex has taken much of the magic of the TH900 and scaled it down for those of us with more accessible budgets.  The magnet used is not quite the monster that the TH-900 has but the sonic signature is all Fostex.  From the Fostex web site:

Model TH600 is another premium headphones from Fostex in addition to the top end TH900 that has become one of the best selling premium headphones in the world since its launch in March 2012.

The TH600 features the reputed bio-dynamic 50mm diaphragm, powerful 1 tesla (1,000 gauss) magnetic circuit as well as the magnesium die-cast housing to deliver supreme audio reproduction.


Type:    Dynamic
Driver:    50mm dia Nd magnet / bio-dynamic diaphragm
Impedance:    25 ohm
Sensitivity:    94dB / mW
Maximum Input:    1,800 mW
Reproduction Frequency:    5 – 45k Hz
Weight:    370g (excluding the cord)
Cord:    3m Y type
Plug:    6.3mm dia gold coating stereo phone plug

  • 50mm driver units with 1tesla (1,000 gauss) magnetic circuit
  • Bio-dynamic diaphragm that offers rich lows, natural mid range and smooth highs
  • Ear pads made of 'Idemitsu Grancuir' material
From Anak Chan's Headfi Review where the TH600 received 4.5 stars:

"The soundstage and imaging of the TH-600 is by far larger and deeper than the Signature Pro, which shouldn't be a surprise. However, and this was something I didn't notice before with the Signature Pro, is the S-Logic's 3D feels more simulated whereas the TH-600 feels much more natural. Along with that, the resolution of the TH-600 is also greater giving a smoother presentation whereas the Signature Pro can occasionally feel somewhat grainy."

From Headphonia:

"Viewed in its own light, against similarly priced closed back rivals, the TH600 fares very well and may be my favorite Japanese high end closed back at ~$1000. It definitely is a win over Audio Technica’s W5000. More correct tonality and timbre, and a more linear bass extension than the W5000. It’s sort of a pro-and-cons situation with the W3000ANV, where the 3000 sounds more luxurious and is richer, but is plagued with issues like bass extension and a midrange dip. Not an easy one to decide, between the TH600 and the W3000ANV but I’m leaning toward the Fostex. Compared to the Denon D7100, overall the 7100 has a more lively tonality with a stronger bass impact, and a more sparkly treble. I think the D7100 is the more musical headphone compared to the flatter sounding TH600, but the timbre sounds more plasticky in the D7100 and likewise the build is far from being worthy of the price tag. What can I say, it’s a tougher battle field down in the $1,000 price range especially between the W3000ANV, D71000 and the TH600. At the moment I’m leaning toward the TH600, but that may just be new toy syndrome."

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