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(By Gallo Acoustics)
The Gallo Strada 2 has reached such proportions of industry acceptance as a supreme value, that my adding to the fray is certainly gilding the lilly.  I will say that with it's new iteration, Anthony Gallo has put in several years coming up with his own driver, and I imagine this is in no small part the reason for even more fuss than his last wonderfully received iterations.  We offer Gallo Speakers locally and respect the dealer network Gallo has established.  If you're in New England, you owe it to yourself to get in touch for an audition.  The Gallo Reference Strada can be wall mounted to great effect, it also can be ordered with excellent stands either for the floor or desktop.  We also offer it with some really amazing desktop stands.
Pairing it with either subwoofer (i use two of the smaller subs for my demoing area) is startlingly excellent reproduction, and a steal at it's price point.  Hearing them as a 5.1 or 7.1 system is just plain scary.
Let's hear from the reviewers:
"If you've been at this hifi gig long enough, you'd likely agree. Coming across decisively better within a given category and price sector is the exception. Differences are a dime a dozen. Moving those markers in ways that transcend 'different' to become inarguably 'better'... that happens only once in a blue moon."...

"The perhaps ultimate on-wall and desk-top speaker. Think of it as a low-efficiency single-driver widebander without shoutiness and higher resolution but equivalent coherence and speed."

"To wrap up, I'd think of this as a headfi system of top pedigree which has been perfectly extricated from inside the head and projected at less than one meter in free space before you. It's audiophile-approved studio monitoring but with full aural sex appeal to condense the vital difference in a casual but explicit form. This really is hot stuff!" -Srajan Ebaen- 6Moons Blue Moon Award

"They are truly excellent loudspeakers, and clearly better than my Reference 3.1s, clearly making them an excellent bargain at their $3400 system price." - Chris Groppi, Home Theater and HiFi

"BEST COMPACT SOLUTION: Anthony Gallo Acoustics Reference Strada System ($6964)" Editors Choice Award for a full 5.1 Strada System

"I've compared them to the two most highly regarded and expensive monitor speakers in high-end audio, respectively $15,000 and $30,000 a pair. The Stradas, floor-mounted on our custom ultra-rigid stands, simply outperformed both of them in every respect that matters, whether for music or soundtracks."

--Pierre Sprey, Residential Systems

The Reference Strada with the center channel speaker and two TR-3 subwoofers offer an outstanding movie watching – and listening – experience that fills the room with an intensely believable recreation of the performance environment. For music, listening to the Reference Strada and a single TR-3 subwoofer, with a system price of about $3450, puts one squarely in the Zone of Diminishing Returns. This trio offers such a strong foundation in high end sound quality that further improvements are very costly.


Frequency Response 68Hz - 20Khz +/- 3dB (in room with boundry reinforcement, speakers within 1 foot of wall)
Impedance 8 ohms
Sensitivity 90dB/1 watt/1 meter
Power Handling 150 watts RMS unclipped music power. Minium suggested power is 10 Watts RMS.
Driver Two 4" dynamic hyperbolic carbon fiber drivers optimized to integrate seamlessly with the CDT3 tweeter without the need for a crossover.
Dimensions 13" (W) x5" (H) x6.5" (D)
Cone Material Carbon Fiber
Enclosure Material Powder oated cast aluminum chassis with brushed stainless steeel spheres and powder coated stainless steel grills.
Warranty 1 Year parts and labor. 5 years when product is registered within 90 days of purchase and with all documentation.
Crossover None
Connections 5 way gold plated binding posts deveolped specifically for Anthony Gallo Acosutics.
Finish Brushed stainless steel spheres with a black frame or all black spheres with a black frame.
Phase No
Low Pass No
High Pass No
Bass EQ No
Power Auto On/Off No
Gain No
Tweeter Patented CDT3 (Cylindrical Diaphragm Transducer), sporting 180 degree for the side speaker and 120 degree of horizantal dispersion for the center speaker. From 6 kHz to above 20kHz.
Weight 13.5 Lbs
Woofers Cover Powder coated stainless steel grills.


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