Heed Dactilus 3 - 120v -

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(By Heed)

The Heed Dactilus is a dac that sounds right.  It is as simple as pie but not simpler than what it needs to produce a very natural sound.  It, along with the Heed Canamp and HiFiMAN HE400i's make a phenomenal combination.

In designing the Heed DACTILUS, our aim was to create a D-to-A device which makes any digital source – CD players, DAB tuners, etc. – more enjoyable to listen to in musical terms. Used with higher ranking digital components it still holds its own against many on-board DACs with its strikingly different approach – a less analytical and processed presentation of music which conveys the musical message in a very fluid, natural, rhythmically engaging fashion. Even the primal Dactilus 1 with our first-ever DAC circuitry, the Dactil 1.0 module was capable of doing all that: "...it's seldom anything other than an enjoyable one to listen to and we're happy to recommend it..." as leading UK Magazine Hi-Fi Choice found it in their 2009 review.

The all-new second generation Dactilus 3, equipped with our new Dactil 1.2 DAC module, is capable of 24bit/192 kHz high resolution signal processing while extending upon the virtues of the earlier model, injecting extra transparency, information retrieval and dynamic capability. The features list is modest: optical (Toslink) and electrical (Coax SPDIF) digital inputs (selected using a rear-mounted switch) or an asynchronous, 24bit/192 kHz capable USB input into a single unbalanced output.

At the heart of the Dactilus 3 lies our new Dactil 1.2 DAC module, which is based on a highly integrated Wolfson D/A chip including not only the means of D-to-A conversion, but also the basic output analogue filtering. It handles all sources up to 24bit/192 kHz high resolution signals and, in spite of its striking minimalism, is capable of achieving astonishingly good performance.


   In order to avoid undesirable electro-magnetic interference within the chassis, the DACTILUS has no on-board power supply, employing a "wall-wart" PSU. This can be upgraded with our Q-PSU for maximum performance. Naturally, we offer the DACTILUS / Q-PSU combination for a special package price.



Input format (RCA): Max 192 kHz / 24 bit S/PDIF
Input format (TOSLINK) Max 192 kHz / 24 bit S/PDIF
Input format (USB) Max 192 kHz / 24 bit
Frequency response (+/- 0.2 dB, 44.1 kHz sr.): 3 Hz - 21 kHz
THD (0 dB, 1 kHz): < 0.005 %
S/N (A-weighted): 97 dB
Maximum output level (0 dB): 2.5 Vrms
Channel separation: 90 dB
Dimensions (WxHxD): 9.5x7.2x25 cm


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