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The Direkt has been the rage all over Europe.  Welcome price/performance and fun to the US.

High-end 2-way speakers

Inspired by classical models experience the high-end two-way speaker "direct" in a production Heco laboratory to measure! For crisp and precise bass a 25cm woofer with kraft paper cone and extremely low distortion drive is responsible, supported by a generous volume of air and two down-firing reflex tubes. In conjunction with the High-Energy silk dome with particularly strong double magnet system and an all-aluminum Wave Control Horn produced a finely balanced, dynamic sound with crystal-clear and direct vocal range. Through their excellent efficiency and the linearized impedance curve direct harmonizes perfectly with not only high quality solid state amplifiers, but also with fine tube amplifiers. The inclined flat housing in dual-color stripe design sets visual highlights, full metal-care thanks to three-point mounting for perfect weight distribution.

This from 6Moons 2015 Highlights!!

-My second SOB (Suspected of Brilliance) distinction goes to Heco's €3'000/pr Direkt, a 95dB efficient retro-style big paper-woofer 2-way. It's got a waveguided slightly larger than normal soft-dome tweeter and a cab twice as wide as it is deep. This resurrects vintage Tonmöbel appeal. Its formal review wasn't completed yet when I wrote this but it already warranted a mention as something our hobby needs more of: far more than wispy lip service for past accomplishments which, by contrast, suggest that just perhaps, much of modern sound is headed down the wrong path. This paves the way for an attitude adjustment à la Direkt. If nothing else, focusing on higher sensitivity not with a single-driver speaker but a high-output 'normal' multi-way design with 25Hz reach is definitely something one likes to see more of. That's because it opens doors to less costly simpler gain circuits for potentially better sound whilst doing it all for less money.

Audio VIdeo.FI-

'Healthy and courageous the Heco Direkt is really a welcome breeze among narrow base speakers. It stands out the mass of a bold wide essence and lightly swanky sound. Direkt
The main purpose is not to be discrete and small, its main purpose is to play music so that you have a smile. And that makes it very smoothly. I had time I listen to so much of all kinds speakers that I have become quite senseless. The HECO Direkt is rare among the speakers, which I would think about
having in my living room. I might meet to catch up with the amplifier treble and turn it slightly
the red, smooth the surface a little bit helkkäävää Direkt top notch. But that's what
I can not tell you because tosihifisti not tone adjustments apply. And should not tell you, as a particularly clear sound lovers may even turn it diskanttisäädintä plus side. In short: a broad expanse of bold presentation of a wide'

From TD Trend Document. FIVE STARS-

'Heco Direkt
Who wants time to properly listen to music again.You should make it with the direkt. straightforward and without arrogant claims in matters.  Electronics, it conjures up music, how to they expected and not dissected into individual components. That it further with its retro design sets visual accents, is
a very pleasant side effect.'

From StereoPlay-

'review: Finer, more detailed, more nimble than a mongoose sound, impulsive and stable. Large, prominent soundstage. Perfectly suitable for a tube amplifier.'

From Llite Lifestyle and Technology Magazine-

Although their appearance is polarizing, they provide a compelling and high visual concept at the same time.  Quality material  and first-class workmanship. The tinged retro style may not be for everyone -
However, for their sound performance, they are beyond reproach. The design favors a bold approach.
Sound transducers of this tonally correct nature, doesn't usually come at an affordable price.  The Heko Direkt will have you looking and listening in a way that doesn't happen often.'

From i-fidelity.net-

Heco really nailed it with the "direkt".Instead of increasingly smaller and more compact speakers. The direkt shows why size matters.In addition to having a unique appearance we're convinced the "direkt" also has the finest technology. Instead of superficial increases its wide frequency is coupled with ease and neutrality. Such courage as this from a manufacturer today is new, let yourself be speakers with accents of.  Low and high frequencies sale much easier. The Heco "direct" sounds overwhelming, really class and costs in view of the offered performance relatively little money. In other words, "Top Design"
in every sense.'

Specs :

2 way speaker, bass reflex


30 mm tweeter

275 mm woofer


200/320 Watt

Efficiency (2.8V / 1m)

95db (4ohm)

Frequency Range

25-28000 Hz

Crossover Freq.

2,350 Hz

Recommended Amplification

10-230 watts

Dimensions (WxHxD)

Only housing 440 x 900 x 200 (230 incl. Terminal) mm

Incl. Metal feet 440 x 998 x 397 mm


25.8 kg


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