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(By HiFiMAN)

Fresh from the creative mind of Fang Bian comes a new in ear monitor, the RE-400.  As you can see from our inventory, this is not the general price range that our products fall.  That said, our criteria for partnering with a manufacturer is a quality based equation as much as anything.  And now, for $100, or thereabouts, you can have just that...tremendous fun and excellent engineering without being lightened too much in your wallet...quality engineering.  Herein lies a portal to show others what all the fuss is about, and to enjoy music anywhere you care to do so.  It, like all of our head gear, creams fashion efforts like the Beats.  You be the judge.  Here are some early releases:

"As far as I'm concerned, the RE-400 is about as good as it gets for $99, and then some. That includes IEMs and full sized headphones too. I can think of nothing else in the price range that has such smooth, transparent sound, and still remains engaging. Add in the quality build, excellent fit, and well-proven history of customer support, and it seems like an easy recommendation. HiFiMAN does it again!" 

-Project 86 from HeadFi.

"I honestly don’t know why HiFiMan is pricing these IEMs at 100 dollars. They can easily ask for twice and I’m sure many would be willing to pay. That said, these IEMs offer a huge bang for the buck. The merger of great design, outstanding audio accuracy and performance, build, and comfort all come together to really produce a product that is well worth the money being asked for.

Value: ★★★★

Final Thoughts

HiFiMan has always been one of the house brands that offered high quality, at a low price point. The thing was that you had to find them. Regardless, the HiFiMan RE-400 offers a full package that defines what a good product should do: be affordable, but not cut the quality.-

Marcus Nguyen from iFans.com

"These do hardly anything to put a foot out of place. In their price category they are the child who does hardly anything wrong, but also excels at a few things. HiFiMAN have built an ergonomic earphone that does well on all the physical categories but packed it with a dynamic driver that offers a neutral sound signature that does impress. For £60 this is going to be one of the best IEMs you can get with out a doubt. Maybe the best but maybe not because that will come down to preference but I can confidently say, HiFiMAN have done a good job here!"  - 

Swimsonny from Headfi.

Here's what HiFiMan has to say about them: 

The RE-400 Waterline by HiFiMAN is a premium quality, high-performance In-Ear Monitor (IEM) that sets the standard for others to follow. Featuring advanced ergonomics for superb fit, and premium materials such as Titanium Diapharagm, Neodymium magnet and OFC Copper cabling, RE-400 represents best-in-class performance and comfort.

Advanced ergonomics
8.5mm Titanium Diapharagm
Neodymium magnet
OFC Copper Cabling
Driver designed and manufactured by HiFiMAN


Driver: 8.5mm
Impedance: 32  OHM+/- 3.2
Sensitivity: 102dB/1mW
Rated power: 10mW
Maximum power: 30 mW
Frequency response: 15 ~22 KHZ

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