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Updated listening notes: the RE-600 has cemented itself into the heart of my lazy man's audio experience.  They sound sublime with proper amplification, but what throttles me, and what leaves me listening to them perhaps more than any other headfi piece, is how great they sound coming out of my crap laptop, or plugged into just about anything.  They're exacting while being forgiving.  Hell, I would plug them into a transistor radio poolside, or sailing.  They climb to new levels with the HM-901 or the AK120, but the miracle of them is what they bring to just about anything.  Thanks Fang...these things can be buried with me.


In stock and shipping!!!  These things are fantastic.  The best sub $800 in ear we've found.


Fang Bian is not a man to rest on his laurels.  The RE-600, based on his single driver technology, is our favorite in-ear without stepping up to something much more expensive...in this case a CIEM-(custom in ear monitor).  The RE-600 takes the natural, pleasing nature of the RE-400 and yields more space, more definition, and a more relaxed mid-band...in short it bests the RE-400 in every category as it should at several times the cost.  It also takes advantage of all of HiFiMAN's R and D over several years of working on IEM's...like porting the driver for much better realistic bass extension.  If you're considering a top reference in-ear, don't discount the RE-600 due to its relatively modest price.  There are very few in ears we find more pleasing.  

Please read this from HiFiMAN: 

Our new in-ear model was part of a multi-year project for HifiMAN intended to offer a higher level of performance and comfort for the category. Advanced ergonomic design aids both ease-of-use and comfort while an all-new, custom-designed driver utilizes a special Titanium coating for remarkable detail and extended frequency response. In fact, the RE-600 driver is Patent-Pending. The addition of Neodymium magnets and premium cabling of Copper-Silver on RE-600 helps deliver all the music as it was originally intended.    




 3.5mm mini plug


Mini adapter for regular earphone jack


Frequency Response: 15Hz-22KHz


Impedance: 16 Ohms


Sensitivity: 102 dB/mW


Weight: 0.48Oz (13.7g)



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