Stereo Suisse (the Boenicke W5SE or SE+ and the DarTZeel Danalogue) - System -

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The Boenicke W5 has created a following ever since its introduction earlier this year.  It is in my experience a new level of enjoyment at its price point, and sets the bar for small monitors regardless of cost.  It is one of the great designs and solidifies Sven Boenicke's place in the top echelon of creators in this field.

How fortuitous to find a similarly impassioned personality so nearby.  Right there, not far from the banks of Lake Geneva lives Hervé Delétraz of darTZeel.  When Herve' designs, aural and physical beauty are sure to follow.  His cost no object reference amplifiers have been touted as the worlds finest in many circles.  It is this same fevered passion that goes into each creation.  Now we get the Delétraz magic in a single box solution...we can have him in the bedroom or office with little spatial impact.  There are too many options to list a price, so please contact us that we might best access your needs.

A hearty thanks to our Suisse brethren for taking us one step closer to the real thing.  Ask about adding vinyl!!

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