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What happens when you cross a Mad Dog with an Alpha Dog?  Meet the new Mad Dog Pro!

Status: Mad Dog and Mad Dog Pro headphones are in stock. 

EDM fans rejoice!  The Mad Dog Pro headphone is our latest creation.  While it's a great all-around closed headphone, it's a particularly fun headphone for EDM.  

The Mad Dog Pro combines the cup and headband of our acclaimed Mad Dog headphone with the 3D printed baffle and pad mount of the Alpha Dog.  The result is a headphone that sonically falls right in the middle.   

The Mad Dog Pro has the warm and rich bass tones our classic Mad Dog, with some of the Alpha's improved bass speed and expanded sound stage.  It's not as linear or transparent as the Alpha Dog, but it's a great all arounder and is especially fun with EDM.  

As a bonus, the Alpha Dog's pad mount system gives the headphone a cleaner look with a more comfortable fit.  

NOTE: You must purchase one or more of our Mad Dog Pro cables to complete a purchase.  

Key features:

  • Alpha Dog baffle system to enhances sound quality; faster and cleaner bass with more slam, a bigger soundstage and improved clarity  
  • Wired for balanced and single ended operation
  • 1/4", 4 pin XLR, RSA/ALO/Cypher, and iBasso cable options 

MrSpeakers Mad Dog headphones are hand-tuned modifications of the Fostex T50RP heapdhone.  The modifications are the result of hundreds of experiments, measurements and listening tests that transformed the sound of this legendary and sturdy studio headphone from "study voiceover-ready" to audiophile headphone enthusiast.

Our latest addition to the Dog family is the Mad Dog Pro. The Pro takes the core Mad Dog headphone and incorporates the baffle and ear pad mounting system of the Alpha Dog, creating a phone that sonically falls right between the warmth of the Mad Dog and the spacious and dynamic sound of the Alpha.  

The Mad Dog has a slightly "fun" audiophile tuning to it.  There's a touch of extra bass that makes listening to music a lot of fun, without drowning out the mids and highs essential to a great experience. We don't crank up the bass until your ear drums implode, we deliver deep, articulate bass balanced with the rest of the music.  The Mad Dog Pro opens up the soundstage for a more immersive experience, while adding speed and slam to the bass.  It's a great phone for EDM that is also an excellent all-around performer.   

Tech-talk aside, we make a phone we hope conveys the heart and essence of the music, and can be used for hours without fatigue.

Each headphone is hand modified and tuned to within +/- 2dB of our reference response through most of the frequency range.  Each Mad Dog headphone includes lamb-leather ear pads for improved comfort and better sound, a leather "comfort strap" for "hotspot-free" extended listening, and both mini (3.5mm) and regular headphone (1/4") plugs.

On the comfort side, MrSpeakers Alpha Pads and comfort strap combine to make an exceedingly comfortable experience (most professional reviwers are calling this one of the most comfortable phones made).  Comfort is a big deal to us.  After all, what good is a phone that hurts your ears or your head after 20 minutes.

Another key benefit of the Mad Dog is isolation.  The plush and supple ear pads do a fantastic job of isolating you from the external environment.  So you don't hear it, and those around you don't hear your music.


Recommended Equipment

We do recommend a good portable or desktop amp to get the most from your Mad Dogs.  You can drive the Mad Dog off your iPhone, iPad or almost any other quality portable media device (note that some Android phones don't cut it at all).  However, a quality headphone amplifier (and if possible a DAC) will improve your experience.

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