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"At this point I couldn’t wait to recommend the Opal-air4 to anyone seriously searching for a pair of active speakers in the traditional analog sense. Granted, most active speakers offer more gadgetry from XLR inputs to HF/LF trim pots. They serve adequately as near-field monitors or desktop systems but fall short in the audiophile listening room. With everything preset, the Mark & Daniel Opal—minus air4 until now—was naturally balanced and effortlessly projective. It was the Pavarotti of compact active bookshelf speakers."- David Kan, 6Moons

"Playing iTunes radio really did give me CD quality performance. I couldn’t believe this was wireless!" -David Kan, 6Moons

Put two highly creative, technologically advanced companies together, and you never know what will happen.  Sometimes you get a toaster that can press your pants,(before it burns your house down).  What Mark and Daniel and Nuforce have done is create an active streaming speaker, that brings functionality and the high-end into one attractive package.  They really didn't leave any stone unturned.  The maturity of each company is evident in the forethought to include several savvy options; like analog inputs and tone controls.  An analog inputs, so you still have the option of plugging in hard-wired, and tone controls, so that whether mounted on the wall, in a corner, or placed on stands in the rooms midst, you can always create the correct balance from speakers to room. 

Consider for a moment the cost of speakers, an amp, a dac, and the related cabling for each.  Now consider the clean visual nature of the Opal, and the fact that it was voiced to work with it's on-board amp and dac.  You're guaranteed a certain level of excellence and ease of use.

The SX-bass and the air motion transformer will give you the entire scale of the musical event, (save the lowest subterranean bass) and image like they have no right to at their price point.  We're taking pre-orders on these for folks in New England.  Speakers sold in single units, i.e. a pair is $3000.00...really they're an audio bargain.      

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