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MG Audio Design is the brain child of Lee Matuszczak and Gregg Graff.
Lee and Gregg know music and they know silver.  They produce some of the most beautiful looking and sounding cables at any price much less what they charge us for it.  
MG AUDIO DESIGN NOW HAS A NEW REFERENCE, THE PLANUS AG3!  It's truly something special. 
We put it up against anything we've heard at any price, if silver is your preference.

Silver has a certain sound.  Getting the right sound out of it without  things getting lean is a tricky business.  When it's right it's ohh so right.  MG Audio Designs is a small firm that does just that.  They do it at a fraction of the cost of what other silver wire specialists bring to market.  We've compared it to some headily expensive wire (think $18,000 a meter) and been left wondering which was playing.  Regardless which it was, we decided it was a good investment to represent MG.  Each of our speaker wire and interconnects has it's own reference flavor.  Welcome to the flavor of silver.
From Dean Seislove of Positive Feedback:
"In the end, both the Planus Ag interconnects and the Planus III speaker cables are the sort of product that you miss when they're gone. I like my other cables, too, but it's undeniable that when I removed the MG Audio cables, I remarked, "Well, that sounds boring!" Given what they accomplish at their price, the Planus Ag interconnects are a joy to hear, and the Planus III's are simply a marvelous accomplishment. Recommended."
From Brian Boehler of Stereo Mojo:
"the Planus AG in the right situation is just magical and takes the overall sound to new heights.  I spent a lot of time with both interconnects and in the end I was musically and emotionally moved by the silver.  I just fell in love with their overall sound.  I can think of no better recommendation than I plan to purchase the Planus AG and Planus II cable set as my new reference cables."

From Terry London, Staff Reviewer for

"In my history as a music lover/audiophile and now as a reviewer I have auditioned massive amounts of IC's and speaker wires from over 12 highly regarded wire companies. I finally had chosen the wonderful, but very expensive, wires from Stealth because they performed at a much higher level than any other IC's and speaker wires I listened to in my system. The total amount for the Stealth loom (Indra IC's& Dream speaker wires) was over 18K.

Without any hyperbole I was amazed what the MG Audio Design cables did to the performance of my system. Yes, all the analytical virtues that us audiophiles are looking for were their, natural timbres, soundstaging/depth/center fill, layering on that stage of individual players with air around them, transparency to let all the micro-details shine through, 3D imaging, image density, dynamics, a seamless balance through out the total frequency spectrum was at a much higher qualitative level that any wire loom had ever created in my system, regardless of price. The MG Audio Design cables also, I know how subjective this statement sounds, created such an illusion of music in such a natural/organic way that it was much easier just to relax into the music and connect with it in a more emotional way. Call me smitten! All the Stealth wires were put up for sell the next week.

Finally, Greg and Lee charge such a reasonable fee for these world class reference level wires based on both performance and build quality that some high brow audiophiles will dismiss them because they don't cost a small fortune. Don't make that mistake, if some other companies were building these IC's and speaker wires who knows how many thousand of dollars more they would charge."


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