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The Alpha Dog Prime has come to the front of the pack and brought with it the last word in reference sound from Dan Clark.  The sound these are getting can be compared to any reference headphone you choose.  We're in high cotton territory at a very reasonable price.  These will ship in early December.

MrSpeakers' Alpha Prime headphone is built on the award-winning Alpha Dog 3D printed baffle and cup assembly. But we don't stop there, that's where we started.

Pure and simple, Alpha Prime was about tuning and improving the driver, and changing the voicing to reflect the improvements. And no, we won't say what we've done differently, but it took a LOT of work to do it. And we truly hope you'll enjoy it.


Alpha Prime vs. Alpha Dog

We know you're going to ask, and here's the answer. It's better. Across the board in our opinions. Faster, more detailed and textured mids, smoother highs, a better balance, and holographic soundstage and imaging, where every sound source is not only in the right place, it occupies the right space.

The Alpha Dog is a great headphone, especially at it's price. Alpha Prime is just a great headphone, and we hope those who decide to buy one will really, really enjoy it.

Your Prime includes one cable 6ft. 1/4", 3.5mm single-ended cables or 4-pin XLR, 2.5mm, RSA/ALO balanced cables.

Alpha Prime comes with:

One cable
Metal stand
Cleaning cloth
Two year warranty



Frequency response (+/- 3dB): 16Hz to 18KHz

Efficiency: 90dB/mW

Weight (without cable): 440g

Cable: Dual entry


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